RockPlayer is high performance media player, currently runs on Android devices. By taking advantage of device hardware decoder and FFmpeg plugin, it supports almost every file formats and most of codecs.

Install through Market

Downloads: we provide optimized variants based on processor for better performance. If it looks confusing, please simply install universal package. Or you may install "Know CPU for RockPlayer" to get processor type.

RockPlayer support Android 1.6 and higher versions. 1.5 and earlier is not support, sorry!

RockPlayer is free with advertisements. If you don't like advertisements, we also provide a purchase-activation process to provide an Ad. free version. The only difference between free version and paid version so far is just Ad. We support only PayPal payments only by now.

You may get RockPlayer through Google Market. At this moment, Google doesn't allow developers in our country to be merchant yet and has strictly forbidden to integrate other payment method in app (like PayPal), thus there is only a Lite version. Lite version has exact same functions of full version except you cannot buy and activate it yet. We are working hard to solve it.

RockPlayer supports most of Android devices by its universal package and provides optimized version for specific processors. If you are not sure about details of the proccessor and have no enough storage to install universal package, you may install any version and use 'Check Updates' function in app settings to get best fit package.